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Halasius has over two decades of experience playing roles in Films, TV, Theater, and Commercials.
In his childhood, Halasius developed his own acting technique. Later on, he explored other techniques, including:
Actors Improv Studio (Applebaum), Acting Theater on Screen (Todoroff), On-camera acting for experienced actors (Rountree), Tap Dance (Hobbs), Dramatic Art (Steinhardt), Theater AD (Lazz), Adaptations (Guevara),
Theater of Crisis (Barri), and Training for live TV (Paz).

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Voice Over Demo Reels - English and Spanish

VO SP Commercial
VO SP Games-Cartoon
VO SP Narration
VO SP Corporative
VO SP Theatrical
VO ENG Commercial
VO ENG Animation-Cartoon
VO ENG Corporative
VO ENG Narration

Montage Reel 2019

Montage Reel 2017

Martial Art Weapons Skills

Montage Reel 2012

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