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Halasius is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. He comes from a marginal low-income background in South America. Being the first of his family to obtain a higher education, Halasius is a "Summa Cum Laude" screenwriting graduate and a member of the prestigious "Phi Kappa Phi" society. He achieved the "President's Distinguished Honor Award" (presented to the most prestigious students in the United States).

 Halasius is committed to creating meaningful and educational audiovisual arts entertainment from an inclusive perspective.

Some of his awards include: ScreenCraft Short Script Competition, Richmond International Film Festival, Santa Barbara International Awards, Los Angeles International Awards, Cannes Film Awards, Florence Film Awards, Hollywood Gold Awards, Media Arts Festival, Paris Film Awards, New York Movie Awards, London Movie Awards, Art Film Awards, London International Film Festival, Istanbul Film Awards, DRUK International Film Festival, Luis Buñuel Memorial Awards, and Medusa Film Festival.

Halasius has obtained degrees in Cinema & Television Arts from California State University, Northridge (Bachelor's in Cinema & Television Arts, Screenwriting), and Los Angeles Valley College (Three associate degrees in Film, Television, and Broadcasting, Directing, and Postproduction). His screenplays are written for television and film as well; in genres such as drama, historical, dark comedy, horror, family,
sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller. In addition to being a prolific writer, he is a gifted video editor.

Screenwriter | Filmmaker | Video Editor

Halasius and daughter
Halasius Cameraman
Halasius Red Carpet

Award-winning (including 'Best Editing')
Avant-Garde movie on the closure of our lives.

EDGES - PosterNew.jpg

"EDGES - the borders that define us"

Multi-award-winning movie
about civil rights.


Award-winning "Disney-vibe" script.

Original Script/Pitch



TV Show script based on a thrilling true story.

In Pre-Production


Black Comedy Short Movie.

In Pre-Production

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