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Video Editing Timeline

Editing Portfolio

Halasius has been called a "gifted video editor" by professional editors in the entertainment industry. He has earned a Postproduction Degree in Los Angeles and the accolade of Best Editing for his Avant-Garde movie "The Last Nap."

These are a few samples of his work.

Trailer from the short movie "EDGES."

Sampler Trailer "Be Afraid."
—Halasius created this trailer within an hour
without having seen the movie before—

Avant-Garde Music Video
Editing and Song by Halasius

After & Before
Color Correction, 3D, FX, and Sound mixing.

Sampler Scene 1 "Be Afraid."
Editing, Color Correction, and Sound mixing.

Award-winning (including "Best Editing")
Avant-Garde Video on the closure of our lives.

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